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“Serving the talent needs of the creative community”

MTD Talent is a complete support service for agencies, advertisers, performers and affiliated entities. Created with the objective of lowering the often overwhelming costs associated with talent payment, production support and management services, MTD Talent is designed to help you focus on what you do best – and leave the overwhelming part to us!

Show us how much you are getting billed by your current talent paymaster,
and we'll beat that price by 25% while providing talent management services
essentially at no additional cost. MTD can provide detailed payroll services,
address SAG/AFTRA/AFM issues, maintain contracts, track residuals, provide
signatory services when allowed, and more. Complete, professional services,
for significantly less than you now pay. We look forward to serving you.

Steve Samson

Payroll and Residual Payment Services
Talent, production crew, staff or support teams, union or non-union. MTD Talent manages your payroll and benefits efficiently and accurately – for less.

Negotiation Services
MTD Talent assists you with the sometimes difficult task of negotiating with talent and celebrities, to see to it that you have the best possible result. We're experts!

Production Services
When producing television and/or radio programs, infomercials or even movies, the rates, residuals, replays and rules can be cumbersome and sometimes overwhelming. But we've got the experience that will make it an easy task.

Staying On Top Of Things
Rules change, government regulations change, and union contracts change. All of which can make your production project a nightmare without the experience and guidance that we can provide. We'll help you keep up-to-date and worry-free.